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Techwear aesthetic is inspired by military, tactical, ninja and cyberpunk clothing. The result is highly functional clothes yet fashionable.

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Complete your techwear style with our best sellers

Looking for affordable men's techwear and women's techwear but not sure what to buy first? Take a look at our current best sellers to complete your techwear outfits.

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Stay warm and stylish in cold weather with our techwear hoodies

Hoodies are an important piece of techwear fashion and streetwear in general, they are pratical, comfortable, look cool and keep you warm.


Upgrade your style with our technical vests

If you are a fan of techwear clothing, you probably know how popular these utility vests inspired by military bulletproof vests are.


Take a look at the best techwear shirts

A techwear outfit without a cool shirt is not complete. Choose among dozens of awesome techwear shirts to complete your look.


Add the final touch with a techwear accessory

What would be techwear without the accessories? Masks, gloves, belts, hats, straps, chest rigs... They are all crucial for a successful techwear outfit.

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Techwear Store

Techwear store was born out of our passion for techwear fashion. Since the beginning, our misson has been to bring affordable techwear to everybody. Our vison and relentless efforts to place our customers first led us to become one of the best techwear brands on the market and it's all thanks to you.

Women's Techwear

If you think streetwear techwear is only popular among men, think twice. An incredibly high amount of women are into techwear fashion and oh boy they get it right. Some argue that women wear techwear outfits even better!

Men's Techwear

Whether it be urban techwear, casual techwear or minimalist techwear, more and more men are getting into tactical streetwear, they don't setlle for simple boring clothes anymore. Everyday on social media sites they come up with combinations that make perfect techwear fits.

The Birth of Techwear

Techwear clothing was created because people were sick of useless boring clothes. They wanted something functional, durable but still stylish and tech clothing is just all of that. Big stars like Scarlxrd popularized tech outfits even more by showcasing stylish tech aesthetic in each of their clips.

Where Techwear Draws its Inspiration From?

Techwear draws its inspiration from a variety of universes such as:

Military Clothing

Military clothing is the type of clothes a soldier would wear, although functional, military clothes are heavy and not comfortable. Techwear is inspired by military clothing but has the advantage of being comfortable.

Tactical Clothing

Tactical clothing is kind of similar to military clothing as it is highly functional and has a lot of pockets and compartments while being more stylish and comfortable.

Cyberpunk Clothing

It's hard to draw a line between cyberpunk clothing and techwear. Though cyberpunk techwear has more futuristic outfits in its collection.

Ninja Clothing

Ninja clothing has some really cool looking designs. Some techwear pieces are inspired by ninja outfits, especially techwear pants, techwear masks, techwear hats and katana umbrellas. What's cooler than looking like a futuristic ninja?

Japanese Streetwear

Japanese streetwear has a special place in our heart, not just because we love Japan so much, but also because Japanese streetwear is one of the most stylish type of clothes you can find. And luckily, Japanese streewear has a lot of similarities to Japanese techwear.