Techwear Hoodies

If you’re looking for a stylish hoodie that combines comfort and style in an affordable package, the concept of the techwear hoodie is basically tailor-made for you.

It's a look born out of the looks of the outdoor gear industry that's gradually moved into streetwear and urban techwear fashion. Check out this line up of techwear hoodies!

The techwear hoodies represent the new cyberpunk, urban or street goth trend. Made from high quality, functional materials and breathable fabrics, they are a perfect choice for any form of techwear outfit, chasing the storm or when you're on a trip by bike.

Our hoodies are super slim, sleek, and stylish. The epitome of urban techwear. You’ll feel confident and in control of your look. Show the world how stylish you are with an awesome gothic ninja shirt under one of our streetwear hoodies!


A staple of most high-tech wardrobes, these techwear hoodies aren't just for layering. They're perfect by themselves or paired with techwear tops when you want to look stylish and stand out from the pack.

Whether you're looking for the typical, retro-looking hoodie, or a more comfortable and functional one that can be worn every day when going out or working in cool/cold weather conditions, there is a techwear hoodie perfect for you.


Check out our amazing techwear ponchos too! They are waterproof cloaks that cover your head and your torso. The designs were originally sold as a protection against the rain, and to this day, farmers commonly wear them in bad weather. But add a little futuristic twist and you have yourself a set of stylish layer clothes.


Let everyone know you're ahead of the trend with our Techwear sweatshirts. Each sweatshirt features a stylish design that's trending, futuristic, and feels so soft and comfortable you'll never want to take it off.

The latest trend in all-around clothing, techwear sweatshirts are built to be both functional and stylish. With premium materials that are flexible and lightweight, techwear sweatshirts will make sure you can still be active while staying warm no matter how cold it gets outside. These are true techwear essentials.


A futuristic, cyberpunk design that can be styled easily. Stand out in a crowd with these stylish zip-up hoodies from Techwear. Perfect for making a statement while keeping warm during the winter months.

Made with high-quality, breathable materials, techwear zip-up hoodies are designed to keep you dry and comfortable and let your body do what it needs to do. These zip-up hoodies are great for men and women who love the techwear aesthetic. Made of polyester, cotton, and spandex, they are light, thin, comfortable, breathable, and easy to get on/off.