Techwear Pants

Pants are probably the most worn item of clothing and have the most input from fashion. There's a lot of focus on the top and less on pants. But if the shirts are the main attraction, the right pair of pants from your silhouette is what people see first. That being said, you’ll need the most stylish pants around to really make a statement and express yourself properly. We’ve got the selection of pants you need! Introducing techwear pants, the best streetwear pants around! We’ve got men’s techwear pants, men’s cargo pants, and more for you to choose from.

These pants have been crafted with style in mind. The cyberpunk feels combined with the futuristic design make for a unique look, while the high-quality material ensures functionality. It looks good and feels great wearing these pants. These pants have been constructed using high-quality material. It looks good and feels great wearing these pairs of pants.


These black cargo pants were made for a world of hackers and h4x0rs. Wear them to work or out on the town, either way, you will be head-turning with their sleek cyber chic look. When you are in combat gear, no one can mess with your buzz. Whether it’s a casual day at the office or a night on the town, these pants have what it takes to turn heads.

These tech cargo pants with straps will let you look fashionable with that cargo pants aesthetic. The technical cargo pants are great for traveling and have extra pockets for accessories. The cargo pockets are accessible from both sides so you don't have to unbutton them to get your phone out. The zippers also go past the beltline which makes them easier to put on or take off if wearing with a belt. Grab one of these cargo jeans now! You won’t go wrong with these.


Our streetwear pants are perfect for both casual and formal wear. Whether you're hitting the streets or attending a formal event, these pants will earn you many compliments. They have a futuristic style with an edgy cyberpunk flair that's sure to impress everyone around you.

The pants trend towards longer ankle-length styles paired with boots or sneakers, and feature pockets on the hips as well as the backside of the legs to keep your belongings secure. Wear them casually with a t-shirt and sneakers or dress them up with a blouse and heels for work or an evening out.

Our techwear men’s streetwear pants and women’s techwear pants are made out of strong and comfortable material so you can be more active all day. They have a unique elastic waistband that keeps them close to your body and have several pockets for storage. A great item for everyday use!


Techwear tactical pants are fashionable, convenient, and high-tech-looking. These pants are the perfect choice for comfort and function and can be worn out to brunch or as work attire. The perfect pants for work, play, or anything in between. These technical pants are made with durable fabric that wicks moisture away from the body and has a high degree of mobility.

Our Techwear technical pants are 100% made for comfort, and also feature straps to keep them secure at the waist. The pants have many pockets including one on each side for your phone and other smaller items, as well as a zippered right pocket to store valuables such as money or credit cards.


Techwear joggers have straps that allow you to carry your smartphone and other necessities, so you can never ever run out of style, even on the go. The slim legs make them look great with everything from a t-shirt and dress shoes to a hoodie and sneakers. On the street, or under the stars, they allow you to march fearlessly ahead and adapt to changing trends. Become heroes of fashion by purchasing one of the most comfortable pairs of pants that will give you an impressive look.

Our Techwear jogger pants are made from comfortable and durable materials that are constructed using high-quality fabrics. The elasticized waistband makes them easy to wear and helps ensure a good fit, while the two front pockets allow you to store small items such as your keys and earbuds.


Scarlxrd, a hot rapper today, wears tactical pants that possess a fluidity of motion thanks to the baggy thighs and tapered ankles. In Scarlxrd’s world, hunters prowl dark jungles with six-shooters in hand. Whether it’s to rescue a kidnapped princess or kill off an entire horde of zombies, a pair of well-versed stealth pants will never fail you.

Created to make the most of all your workouts, these techwear jeans are made from a technical material − thick enough to keep you warm despite the workout, light enough to never hold you back.


Style meets innovation with our cyberpunk sweatpants. Techwear has bred comfort and high-quality fabric together for a superior athletic look that matches your style with these techwear pants with straps.

The pants aesthetic of the men's sweatpants are perfect for all occasions and uses. Whether you are wearing them to the gym, lounging around the house, or going out on an evening with friends, these sweatpants have you covered. Being made from 100% super soft cotton material makes these sweatpants luxurious as well as comfortable. The elastic waistband helps provide a secure fit while the reinforced stitching across the knees and ankles adds minimal weight to the product. You will be pleased with the durability of these products should you choose to fully extend their five-inch long rise.