Top 10 Techwear Clothing Brands

Techwear is a clothing genre and a subculture that was born in the late 80s. This fashion trend is characterized by outfits whose aesthetic appears inspired by technology and science fiction thanks to the use of elements like electronic devices, wires, buttons or camouflage. You’ve probably already seen techwear in movies like the matrix and anime series like Akira.

The techwear subculture has come a long way since its humble beginnings, but the movement still holds fast to its roots as it continues to mature. But do you know the best techwear brands? We've gathered a list of the most popular and relevant brands that develop and wear the trend to anyone interested in the movement.

The list talks about techwear as a whole, so expect brands that come from different universes such as casual techwear, urban techwear, ninja techwear, and the like. If you wish to learn more about techwear you can read our article titled “What is techwear clothing?” Without further ado, here’s our list of top 10 best techwear brands.


Techwear Store™ is the leading store in futuristic clothing. We offer the largest selection of gear and clothing customized for men and women by our innovative designers.

We have the best techwear garments, ranging from vests to coats, cargo pants to tactical boots. We have different clothes for men and women, so everyone can find the perfect outfit. Techwear Store™ offers a line of clothing inspired by Japanese techwear fashion. They are therefore original and disruptive for a unique and functional style. From favorite tactical masks to the latest release of neon goggles, the most striking selection of techwear merchandise can be found right here.

At Techwear Store, we have an expansive range of products at competitive prices. We carry a variety of products in the techwear and cyberpunk universes such as clothes, gear and accessories for your lifestyle needs.

Techwear Store™ is a techwear/cyberpunk fashion brand that tells the story of an exciting future where technology and clothing merge into one. We make easy, comfortable clothes that keep you looking and feeling good all day long no matter what condition or occasion.

Indeed, the brand wants to be participatory and includes everyone in its dynamics, notably by offering the possibility of becoming ambassador of the brand. This one takes our spot as the best techwear shop. Visit Techwear Store Here.

techwear clothing store


Founded in 1994 by Michaela Sachenbacher and Errolson Hugh, ACRONYM is a good techwear brand that pushes the limits of functional streetwear. ACRONYM is also inspired by science fiction, technology, and progressive design and takes pride in our creativity and craftsmanship. Where others stick to tradition, ACRONYM innovates, creating clothing that is hardworking, dependable, and inspired.

This highly selective brand has managed to create an entire cult following in a very short amount of time due to its forward-thinking approach to fashion and design.

ACRONYM's alternative approach to clothing begins with function and exploration. The brand infuses its garments with experimental and technical elements with a focus on quality and construction.

Designed by Errolson Hugh, ACRONYM textile research and exploration evolves the capabilities of clothing. The highly technical innovations - such as performance micro-fiber and signature water-activated camouflage - are guaranteed to make you stand out in any crowd.

Understanding that the introduction of new technology is inevitable, ACRONYM focuses on embracing this change. Their products are made from technologies and are designed to be worn. Their sportswear reflects the cyberpunk culture, while the technical wear reflects the future technologies.

ACRONYM will continue to be a powerhouse in functional clothing by highlighting the importance of movement. They will incorporate new techniques and innovations in order to push the boundaries of textile technology. The downside is: they are really expensive.



Launched in 1991, Nike ACG stood for All Conditions Gear. The line was popular with skiers and snowboarders. In recent years, Nike announced a new season of the best products inspired by this legendary line in collaboration with ACRONYM.

Nike ACG isn’t just clothing. It’s outdoor gear engineered for sports and adventure. Built for the most active lifestyles, Nike ACG helps you take your game to the next level. It pairs design with advanced performance for the ultimate in apparel innovation.

The ACG collection is like a thread that unites the traditions of outerwear to today’s innovations in technical material. Some of the most famous Nike designs are a part of the ACG collection, which has had a prominent role in urban streetwear culture since its first appearance. The Nike ACG collection was built for your active lifestyle. A tech-savvy, aggressive streetwear inspired by our athletes’ lifestyles.

But don’t expect any high-tech fashion designs from Nike ACG, as it mainly focuses on function and the traditional looks.

nike acg


As trends in fashion go, few brands have had a greater influence on technical clothing than Stone Island. For a long time now, the compass rose has not ceased to improvise and adapt in the modern ways of affordable techwear clothing. The techwear brand Stone Island has established itself as a premier supplier of high-tech garments for customers who are looking for both stylish clothing and functional garments.

 As a way of experiment, Stone Island produced a "collection" of clothes called Shadow Project that was created in collaboration with the Studio Poirot (the fashion house label founded by Massimo Osti), whose mission is research and innovation, and which has a growing awareness of the need to bring together technology and functional crafts. The Stone Island Shadow Project line embodies the philosophy that the Italian brand advocates and is the source of innovation for the Italian brand.

The Shadow Project was born from the original spirit of Stone Island. But from just being in the shadows of other products, it has evolved into a new reality, on its own terms. To redefine performance, Stone Island created a family of innovative materials. The result is a unique collection embracing the awesomeness of techwear gear.

Considered by many as the most successful label by Stone Island since its creation, the brand is driven by the desire to offer the best. The creative teams continue to push the conceptual limits in an effort to offer their best.

stone island shadow project


RIOT DIVISION is a Ukrainian techwear brand, whose line is strongly inspired by military tactical clothing. Their techwear clothes are described as "functional uniforms for the rebels of the urban metropolis."

RIOT DIVISION is about aesthetics, performance, and utility. They fuse style, functionality, and art to create the ultimate garments for the urban commuter or adventure-seeker. With apparel ranging from High-tech windbreaker jackets to a comforter that is equipped with a number of pockets for storage or military-inspired cargo pants, RIOT certainly knows what techwear is about.

riot division


CLOUDBURST is the label that has undergone the most dramatic transformation, going from a Russian label with a simple graphic identity to a major clothing brand readily accepted by millions of techwear users.

CLOUDBURST Clothing has a range of technical outerwear that meets the demands of the most committed cyclist, walker, climber, or runner. All their garments are made from high-tech fabrics with an innovative and stylish techwear finish guaranteed to keep you fashionably protected from the outdoors.

cloudburst techwear


Damascus Apparel began in 2009. The brand is known for its game-changing designs and it pushes the boundaries that make the label the high-end futuristic brand that it is today. The designs of their merchandise are like something out of a sci-fi movie.

With a distinct artistic edge and uniquely functional designs, DAMASCUS APPAREL blends the art of fashion with tactical performance and styling. Like many other clothing lines, black was the main ingredient for their apparel.

Unfortunately, Damascus had to close up shop in 2019, ending a 10-year run of cyberpunk designing.

damascus apparel


The Krakatau brand was founded in the year 1999, by a group of 4 young engineers. They had the ambition to create the most fresh streetwear brand ever, mixing functionality with avant-garde design.

KRAKATAU clothing builds on its Russian heritage and experience in the market to offer a wide variety of high-quality clothing with technical performance. With an urban-survivalist-inspired design, their “soft shell” possesses water-proof capabilities and other useful properties. It combines the best current technology with minimal design to produce extremely functional garments that are also comfortable and fashionable.

krakatau techwear


4DIMENSION is a Taiwanese apparel brand that has technical accessories as its bread and butter. These items are waterproof and windbreakers that are reflective and make use of magnetic belt buckles.

Inspired by military tactical equipment, 4Dimension offers bags that are perfectly adapted to the daily urban environment. The brand also offers urban techwear by proposing a line halfway between streetwear culture and the use of technical fabrics.

Being modeled after military equipment, 4Dimension’s line of bags is perfect for those who want to carry more while keeping a low profile. 4Dimension also has urban techwear designs that are a cross between streetwear and fabrics with technical properties.

4dimension techwear

10. 0608WEAR

0608WEAR is a brand of clothing that originated in Korea. This clothing brand mainly offers apparel that is inspired by casual techwear designs. These clothing are considered to be unique, rare, and very limited.

0608WEAR also has a stunning collection of bags that have technical properties. This brand might still have more in store for us in the near future.


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