Techwear Masks

When it comes to style, a mask is an investment for your personal image. Whether you are on your way to work or attending a street party, our high-quality masks add a touch of futuristic flare to your wardrobe. But if you want more than just a fashion statement, you’ll need to choose a high-quality product. Which brings us to the techwear masks; the symbol of techwear accessories.

These Techwear masks are futuristic and stylish accessories for men and women that protect your face from germs and other harmful elements. They are also used to compliment your cyberpunk techwear gear to give life to the perfect techwear outfits. See for yourself!


These futuristic face masks are ideal to wear every day to protect you from pollution. Made of soft and resistant materials, they perfectly fit your face for an optimal comfort all day long. Their techy design makes it a luxurious piece that will compliment your tech gear fashion style.

The techwear cyber masks are made from high-quality and extremely durable PVC material that will not discolor, break or damage easily. They are completely waterproof and ready for action!


The techwear printed cotton masks are stylish, comfortable to wear and great for everyday use. They are a great accessory for all types of events whether it's a concert, party or just a casual day outdoors. They provide great protection against germs and other contaminants in the air that may be picked up from public transportation or crowded areas.

They fit perfectly while keeping that tech gear fashion style alive.


The hype beast masks are one of the most stylish and comfortable face masks on the market. It is ingeniously designed to provide the wearer extreme comfort and easy breathing through the incorporated air valves, all while looking slick and stylish.

Designed for the modern man, our hype face masks are made with a combination of nylon and spandex to keep you cool under pressure. Built with an air valve and adjustable nose clip, the masks provide comfort and help you breathe better compared to other masks.


These full-face masks are perfect for your next cosplay event or airsoft battle. Now you can look like a futuristic soldier and still take a hit. Inspired by military hardware, these masks will make a distinctive addition to your tactical style. It will protect you from a variety of airborne contaminants and toxic industrial chemicals.

Our tactical face masks are the perfect choice for airsoft enthusiasts and law enforcement/military personnel. Made of strong PVC material, they're extremely durable and offer great protection from BBs, debris and mechanical impact.


Our Tactical Goggles are lightweight, durable, and designed to protect your eyes during action-packed activities. Whether you're airborne or on the ground, these goggles have your back.

The clear lens provides 100% protection from harmful UV rays, extreme light or smoke, allowing you to work in comfort even under the most difficult conditions.

These goggles are perfect for war games such as paintball and airsoft. It can also be used as an accessory to compliment your cyberpunk techwear style.