Techwear Kimonos

A kimono is one of the many aspects that distinguishes Japanese culture. A kimono is made from natural fabrics and it is a Japanese traditional garment. Even though it differs in its design, it can be worn casually or formally with the right accessories for both occasions. That being said, take a look at the hottest collection of techwear kimonos you’ll ever lay your eyes on!

A new-age update to a traditional kimono, the Japanese techwear kimonos are lightweight, breathable and made from premium fabrics that are hand-dyes featuring their original artwork. An easier alternative to traditional kimonos for fashion conscious individuals who want to add class to their techwear style!


Inspired by traditional Japanese garments, our techwear kimonos have a comfortable fit that give you full mobility while still looking slick. These open-front kimonos are perfect for chilling out with friends or family over a fine meal on the weekend.

Our men’s kimono jackets are made of lightweight polyester, cotton and spandex for a great fit. Designed with the best materials for comfort and durability, these robes provide the ultimate in convenience. Completed with two exterior pockets to store your phone and other valuables while you're working.


Incorporating the best of Japanese culture and modern techwear, the ninja kimonos allow you to embrace your inner ninja while looking great in the process. With its unique combination of style and functionality, these Japanese-inspired techwear jackets are definitely a need.

Whether you’re training to be a ninja or just looking for a fashionable jacket, these ninja kimonos are for you!


The noragi is the Korean word for 'kimono”. These new urban fashion items are based on the kimono, a traditional Japanese garment. However, the sleeves are shorter and tighter. They have two patch pockets and flap pockets on the front, and a drawstring fastener at the waist. These Korean techwear noragi were made with the futuristic techwear style.

These men’s kimono shirts are wind resistant, waterproof, and flexible for all-season use. With these noragi, you can go outside in any weather without worrying about getting wet, cold, or hot.


The tactical kimonos are a unique mix of utility and fashion. Their design is inspired by the traditional Japanese Kimono, but with an added twist; the print on the reverse. This feature enables these men’s kimono shirts to be used as a tactical pattern when needed. A perfect combination of functionality and style.

These Japanese-style jackets are comfortable yet stylish thanks to their many technical details. The flattering cut will turn heads and the contrasting print on the back offers a relaxed feel. They also have techwear-inspired pockets and cords on the sides that provide practical function.


These kimono coats were made to bring out the anime techwear enthusiast in you. With its modern design and classy details, these jackets will never fail to give you a new outgoing look.

Our premium kimono coats are made from high-quality fabrics with special details that make you feel trendy and stylish, despite the weather.