Techwear Jackets

A good jacket aesthetic is a great investment. It can make the difference between an outfit that seems thrown together versus a well-thought-out, put-together ensemble. Take a look at this awesome collection of techwear jackets!

Techwear jackets are a fusion of streetwear and high fashion to create that techwear aesthetic. It's a casual, everyday wear outfit that looks like it came straight from a futuristic movie. Inspired by streetwear, cyberpunk, these techwear jackets are super fashionable and are spacious and comfortable with long drops, giving you the ability to layer underneath them as well as throughout the colder months.

Lightweight yet durable fabrics are used in our outerwear such as water-resistant polyester or nylon/polyester blends, as well as breathable mesh lining that allows airflow to keep you cool in warmer weather. With multiple pockets for storage, these jackets are perfect for all occasions and uses!


Techwear windbreakers are inspired by streetwear trends. They are fashionable, stylish, and practical. Techwear windbreakers are made to protect you from the elements keeping you dry and comfortable in all seasons.

Whether you are on your way to school or work, out to dinner, or running errands outside, our techwear windbreakers are ideal for all-weather wear. These versatile windbreakers also double as a full-length robe in colder months, protecting your clothing underneath when you need it most. Because they are lightweight yet durable, these windbreakers can be packed away easily when not in use.

These techwear windbreakers are made from a mix of polyester, cotton, and spandex with a nylon lining. They feature an adjustable drawstring hood that keeps the wind out and allows you to wear the jacket with other techwear outfits in multiple ways.


The parka is a classic wear in the winter season. When it comes to city life, parka jackets are designed to keep you warm while looking good with their bold colors and unique prints. The parkas have been popular for over 50 years and are worn by many original cyberpunks, especially in the ‘90s. They were commonly referred to as "Urban camouflage".

The techwear parkas are one of the warmest jackets on the market. Water repellent, lightweight and durable, our parkas are prepared for a cold-weather hike, a camping trip, a ski adventure on the mountains or just to wear around town.


Our Techwear trench coats are futuristic, stylish, and highly fashionable. Inspired by a perfect fusion of functional design and classic cuts, these trench coats boast unique details such as fully lined hoods, super-soft touch fabrics, and functional pockets. Whether you're going to work or hitting the town, our techwear trench coats will help you stand out from the crowd. We designed these down to earth coats with day-to-night dressing in mind.

techwear coats combine high-tech fabrics with classic menswear design. Made from strong materials, comfortable and lightweight, they can be worn in all seasons. These aesthetic coats look great paired with a techwear t-shirt and jeans or even under a suit for special occasions.