Techwear Cloaks

Cloaks have a long history of being used for tactical advantages. They can be used as a diversion, to hide and ambush enemies or to hide while moving about the battlefield. The tactical cloak was first used by ancient Romans during the Punic Wars where military cloaks were used to blend into their environment and to be undetected by the opposing armies camped in the area.

In the modern era, cloaks aren’t just battle equipment. They have now been used in different fashion trends and styles. People love to wear cloaks because they find them fashionable. However, finding an affordable cloak that looks good is a challenge. But we’ve got you covered. These techwear cloaks are the best there is, and are available at affordable prices. Check them out!


Our techwear cloaks are the most stylish and fashionable cloaks on the market. Each cloak is designed to keep you warm in the harshest of winters when wearing as a personal cloak or in a group fighting off enemy units. The fabric is thick, and can be worn over all types of outfits allowing you freedom to mix and match whatever armor you desire without worrying about being cold.

These tactical cloaks are great for both men and women. We’ve got a great selection for all to choose from. These stealth outfits blend with their surroundings, blending in with your shadows and darkness. Sure to be a hit at the local renaissance festival or convention too!

Crafted with premium, durable materials, our tactical cloaks lack bulk and retain flexibility. Designed to withstand rain and wind to give you the protection from the elements you need.


These Techwear ponchos protect yourself from the elements! The techwear ponchos are stylish and fashionable. They are waterproof to keep you dry and comfortable in any weather condition. Their classic, flattering cut provides extra protection for your legs and may be quickly rolled up and secured without the trouble.

The ponchos’ simple, convenient design have no buttons or fiddly bits that could get in your way at all times, providing comfort no matter what weather conditions you find yourself in. Plus, it looks great, making it perfect for spontaneous trips to malls or to mix and match with your techwear regimen.

Made with premium materials that are resistant, the techwear ponchos are made to be flexible and lightweight to preserve your mobility while protecting you from rain and wind.


The techwear tactical capes are lightweight and versatile, designed to protect you and your loved ones. Our cape has a shorter length than most traditional capes, and incorporates shoulder gussets to allow for further freedom of movement, while minimizing the flow of air around the neck, and minimizing wind noise.

Fully customizable, made from high quality, multifunctional material, these techwear tactical capes are the perfect balance of comfort and style. It can be worn as a tactical assault vest, outwear, gear bag for outdoor activities such as paintballing and hiking or even rainwear.