Techwear Chest Rigs

Chest rigs are a very versatile piece of kit and can be used in both combat and outdoor settings. Often a chest rig can substitute for a backpack or belt, and provide a user with plenty of utility and organization options for when they need it the most. Chest rigs are tools used by military, LEOs, security operatives and, in this modern day, by fashion enthusiasts. A quality chest rig would be a great accessory to go with your every-day outfit, and these techwear chest rigs are the best chest rigs around.

If you are looking for tactical chest rigs that are both fashionable and yet functional, these are the chest rigs for you. Perfect for any scenario from hiking to paintball, and even airsoft skirmishes, these minimalist chest rigs provide comfort and storage for any number of items. They can even be used to compliment your techwear outfit.


Our chest rigs are the best on the market, and the most comfortable. Our chest rigs function just like a real military chest rig, but without all of the bulk. Along with that we don't use cheap plastic buckles that break easily and don't function nearly as well as our seamless ones do.

Our modular chest rigs are lightweight and highly versatile tactical vests. Offering quick-access and fully modular design, our MCR is the new standard in adaptable loadouts that fit any situation. You won’t have to carry big bags to store your valuables while on the go. They may be small chest rigs, but they’ve got a ton of room!

These tactical chest rig harnesses will greatly increase your capacity to carry heavy weight. Its strong, easy to use design and functional capacity allows you to carry extra weight all while looking stylish. For example a black chest rig harness speaks out style and practicality.


Chest bags have been a rage these days and are making heads turn with the funky, and chic designs. From trekking to urban wear, these bags are coming up big time. It has been observed that people keep on trying new designs every time they see a new one.

When you need to carry your essential equipment and tools in one place, techwear chest rig bags are a great option. Since it’s worn over the chest, it doesn’t interfere with your movement or cause discomfort while you carry it. These techwear tactical chest bags have lots of pockets to hold everything you need while you’re on the go. No annoying straps or buckles, just zipper closures. They sit snugly against your body, balancing the weight and eliminating bouncing.

Our chest bags are made to be both durable and lightweight, so that you can enjoy every adventure without worrying about breaking it. It is the perfect size for holding your essentials, while still being small enough to fit comfortably around your body. They have been hand-designed by experts in waterproof fabrics, so you can rest easy knowing that even if it rains when you’re out hiking or spending time outdoors, there’s no way for water to damage your belongings.


The chest pouch has been the preferred method of mobile carry for millions of people around the world for hundreds of years. They have been integral to hunting, exploration, war and everyday life. In the current day, chest pouches have become a convenient accessory that serve two purposes; making you look good while carrying all your stuff. Our techwear chest pouches fit those descriptions well. Check them out!

Don’t get yourself a bag that will look crazy with your suit. You’re looking for a bag that looks casual and yet has everything you need. We have the perfect choice for you – tactical chest holsters. It can hold several things in it, but it doesn’t look too bulky in any way! They are made of the durable poly canvas which makes it last through tough business days that you go through.