Techwear Bags

Bags are so convenient. And not just to carry stuff. They also help you organize, so if you have small items like make-up materials, pens, and band-aids scattered around your fanny pack, a small bag is a great way to keep this stuff together.

That being said, you deserve the perfect bag to help you with your daily load while keeping you fashionable and stylish. Introducing the finest collection of techwear bags there is! Techwear Bags are the perfect blend of function and fashion. They are unmatched for keeping your things organized and within reach.


Techwear bags are an exciting new brand of bags inspired by the tech industry and designed with a minimalist mentality. The top-notch materials, functional designs, and carefully thought-out aesthetics are meant to squeeze your entire day into one bag.

Techwear bags are made out of water-proof and damage-resistant material and feature a variety of pockets to keep you organized on the go. Their streamlined design makes them a stylish breeze to carry around, for work or for play. Techwear bags were created so that you can bring the same function and style to your daily life whether you're commuting on your bike, traveling all day for work, or out for a night with friends.

Our stylish, technology-inspired bags are comfortable, lightweight, and easy to carry around. Choose the size and model that work best for your purposes. Our nylon bags feature water-resistant fabric, minimalist hardware, and zippers with stainless steel finish for long life and durability. Plenty of pockets inside and out help keep your belongings organized.


If you are a world traveler, business person, or school student, you know how important it is to have a sling bag. A sling bag will make the activities of daily life convenient and more efficient.

The techwear sling bags are designed with the inveterate traveler in mind. Using futuristic designs to streamline the bags, they offer maximum capacity, storing everything you may need for a trip; all while keeping your looks in the trend. Made of durable nylon and polyester, they are lightweight and have many compartments to keep you organized.


A chest rig is one of the main things a beginner should invest in. It will change your view and application of load-bearing equipment.

The techwear chest rig is the answer for those who want a lightweight chest rig that eliminates overheating and bulk. A futuristic design, the techwear chest rig is ready to go with the essentials - magazines, water, rangefinder, etc - all tucked away neatly beneath your clothing until needed.


The techwear backpacks are the ultimate backpack for all environments. These futuristic backpacks are the perfect accessories for any traveler out there. These backpacks are reliable, durable and protect your gear against bad weather and are strong enough to hold up to 55 pounds of weight. They also have all sorts of compartments for even the smallest things out there.