Cyberpunk Masks

Sometimes we are looking for a special accessory for our outfit and we want something stylish, futuristic, and eye-catching in detail. That’s when the Cyberpunk mask was born. Cyberpunk masks are all about flaunting who you really are. Check out all the cool kinds of Cyberpunk masks we have in store for you.

Techwear makes and distributes fashionable, surrealist techwear face masks. They're typically themed around the cyberpunk genre or related themes; each mask has its own unique design and with so many to choose from, you’ll surely find one perfect for your techwear fashion agenda.


No matter what kind of robot, power armor, cyborg, or android you're looking to look like, you're sure to find a futuristic mask in our cyberpunk masks collection that will transform you into your new futuristic self. With a choice of masks created from strong and high-quality PVC plastic, as well as an array of futuristic mask designs and colors, including the traditional, old-school cyberpunk gas mask designed with a twist, or the cyberpunk helmet, you are sure to find the perfect futuristic mask for your techwear taste.


The LED Fox Masks are products that are intended to be lightweight, bright, fashionable and futuristic. They are battery operated with small but powerful LED lights on the eyes. The masks have been designed based on the Japanese folklore fox, also known as a Kitsune. But using many of the lines and shapes of more modern innovation gives them a cyberpunk twist on tradition. They are on-trend and cool while still being timeless.

These masks feature two large eyepieces to enable viewing while wearing the product, and clear or selective lenses to adjust your field of vision. They are made out of PVC plastic, making it flexible enough to move with your head, but durable enough to comfortably hold up your environment. Our masks have neon like lights along with the outlines of the mask that illuminate when turned on

The LED fox masks will go extremely well with a pair of techwear shorts, partnered with a slick pants chain.


Inspired by traditional Japanese masks, the Oni mask's distinct features are designed to make a bold statement. These Oni masks are inspired by traditional Japanese art. In Japan, Oni demons are creatures who take the forms of monsters, ogres, and trolls.

Techwear took this mask and improved it with their own unique, cyberpunk look and made it into a fashion accessory worthy of giving the wearer the perfect cyberpunk face. These masks feature a half-face design, capturing Oni’s classic set of teeth and making it the centerpiece of the mask.

The masks are guaranteed to be durable and long-lasting because of the strong PVC plastic used when manufacturing them. They are available in different colors so you won’t have to run out of options whatsoever.

Try pairing oni masks with a pair of techwear cargo pants and a techwear backpack to really spice up your daily outfit.